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'Slip-Off' Coffee Table

  • Client: Simon Harlow
  • Completion Date:

The 'Slip-Off' coffee table amuses with a simple function.


About the Project

The bulk of the table top is flat, but at one end is a small section tilted down about 12.5 degrees.

This angle is just enough to hold a coffee cup or glass of wine without it moving. However! if the table is set on a creaky old floor and someone walks by, there is just enough disturbance to set the cup or glass in motion off the table and onto the floor!

More funny than annoying, the 'slip-off' table entertains.

On the underside the table is multi faceted like a CAD landscape and has three turned purpleheart legs growing from the planes.

Construction is 9mm on the top and 6mm birch ply on the underside with the entire internal volume filled with expanding polyeurethene foam to make an incredibly strong but light structure.

It is spray coloured and laquered for a beautifully smooth and durable surface.