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SIYRO is a new solid surface product and developed by Silo. It is durable and food safe it is available in many colours and has a huge variety of applications.


About the Project

SIYRO is a brand new product, developed by Silo.

It is based on traditional Japanese Laquerware Tsugaru Nuri, a patterned laquerware produced in Aomori, northern Japan from the 17th century.

Siyro is the modern version, using plastics to produce a similar looking product on a larger scale, making the beauty of this traditional finish available for many applications.

Siyro is a solid surface material. This means that its pattern exists throughout the thickness of the SIYRO layer.

This enables heavy use scratches or marks to be polished out, returning SIYRO to new.

SIYRO is waterproof, food safe, very durable, stain resistant and heat resistant up to 200 degrees C.

This makes it suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, cafes, dining tables, sideboards etc.

SIYRO is generally produced as a flat sheet with a Birch ply substrate but can be applied to complex forms to order.

SIYRO is available in a wide range of colours and can be tailored to client needs.