Our Work / Lozenges


  • Client: Lucy Skaer
  • Completion Date:

Multiples of multi-faceted objects in solid Sinker Mahogony. 45 individual faces per 'Lozenge', cut like a gem stone to reveal a harlequin diamond on top.


About the Project

These objects were made from Sinker Mahogany, a rare and highly prized timber dredged from various sources in South America. It is the only legal source of sizable Mahogany fit for purchase as Mahogany logging is now illegal. Sinker Mahogany is the logs that fell off the boats when the original old growth forrest was being logged and exported in the 19th century. It has remained in the mud on the river bed till recent times. It is famed for its use as the timber bodies of Gibson 'Les Paul' guitars.

Bespoke jigs were made up as sledges to carry the stock through the table saw where standard machine adjustments couldn't produce the desired angles. The final 4 faces around the diamond were hand produced then the whole object was hand planed on all 45 faces. 20 of these lozenges were made in total, that's 900 hand planed faces, plus a couple of blisters!