Our Work / Hallway Table, 'Odie'

Hallway Table, 'Odie'

  • Client: Simon Harlow
  • Completion Date:

This is an experimental table made from solid 30mm black American Walnut. It measures 900mm high (3') x 550mm long (22") x 350mm wide (14"). It's form was developed for an exhibition in London after working on 2 other prototypes, a bar stool and a dining table, both using mid-century modern styling.


About the Project

Of interest to me was taking a solid piece of timber and machining it to look like its been folded like paper or steel.

Also, to develop the elegant 50's table leg taper, and to exaggerate styling, push the techniques of joining them as a cluster and to push even further their fixing to another object, in this case the table top.

The result is a funny but elegant tall table with great strength beyong its appearance.

'Odie' is named after my brother in law's dog. It looks like him, a bit.